Our core packages are tailored to suit whatever your needs are.
GET LEAN IN - Get in shape this year and see real weight loss.
Loose a stone in 4 to 6 weeks and see a dramatic change in body shape!

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We pride ourselves on really getting to know you as an individual and putting the personal in personal training.

So whatever you are looking to achieve from your health and fitness programme, MARTIN SHAW FITNESS can get you there faster and more effectively.

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A healthier lifestyle lasts a lifetime

"I've trained with Martin Shaw Fitness for 8 years and at 52 have the same body shape today that I had in my twenties. My health stats have never been better and my lower back is stronger."

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BODY shape

For those wishing to change their body shape and wish to see more muscle definition.
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BODY slim

Focus on excess weight enabling you to improve both your quality of life and energy levels.
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BODY elite

For the more serious athlete, providing cutting-edge techniques and more challenging training.
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BODY fix

Rehabilitation and preventative exercises, suitable for those with previous and present day injuries.
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BODY mot

We will gauge your level of fitness and wellbeing to help you perform at your best.
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BODY core

Yoga and Pilates can be adapted for any age group to tone and build long lean muscle.
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BODY corporate

A great way to inject energy into the workplace and at the same time boost staff morale.
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